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This album her fourth is Kate Bush's first venture as a solo producer.

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Following her immediate success on the pop charts with her prior releases, with this album, Bush takes a very adamant step into the land of the experimental. The Dreaming was.

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With its extreme diversity of instrumentation, old uilleann pipes and new Fairlight CMI , complex time signatures, and Kate Bush's passionate experimentation with the limits of her own voice, I'm going to put this album into a very cool category that I've just now invented: electro-mystical post-punk. Kate Bush's disappearance from the public eye between 's The Red Shoes and the release of 's Aerial was a matter of great intrigue for British tabloids.

Kate Bush Reissuing Entire Catalog on Vinyl

In reality, Bush was raising a child and leisurely tinkering with tracks that would ultimately make up this welcome double-album comeback. The second album, A Sky of Honey , is a single-movement piece meant to evoke "the experience of outdoor adventures on a single summer day," replete with a number of references and samples of different bird songs. When's the last time you got into an artistic dispute with the James Joyce estate?

For Kate Bush, it wasn't terribly long ago. Inspired by the final pages of the iconic Irish author's novel Ulysses , Bush originally put Joyce's words to music in the eponymous first track of The Sensual World. However, before its release, she was met with fierce opposition from the Joyce estate and eventually recalibrated, writing her own lyrics that were merely inspired by Joyce. This ultimately resulted in something more personal, raw, and less like an English major mulling over a term paper.

She makes deft use of celtic instruments and melds Irish tradition with provocative lyrics about sexual desire in a manner I can only assume would have made James Joyce proud. The song is the first track on Side A, and it sets the tone for an album that is reverent, hypnotic, and—should the critics accuse her of resting on her quirky laurels—refreshingly mature.

Of course, if you want to hear Bush's original vision of the song, you do have recourse: Joyce's estate eventually gave her permission to use the original text, which was one of numerous reasons she released Director's Cut a collection of re-mixed, re-structured, and re-recorded songs from The Sensual World and 's The Red Shoes in The '70s were a weird and wonderful time.

I can't speak from experience, but any decade where a self-producing teenager who writes songs about gothic novels can be a massive pop star is all right by me. The Kick Inside isn't on this list because I revisit it often, but because it's a debut that really gives you clues as to what Kate Bush will be capable of in her future work.

The essential Kate Bush in 10 records

The songs are a bit precocious, but captivating and unique especially considering they rose to prominence in an era dominated by disco and punk rock. And with co-producer David Gilmour in the album credits, you don't even need to worry about losing your rock cred the next time you feel like caterwauling along to "Wuthering Heights" at karaoke. They signed her to their label shortly after. Data provided by Discogs. Hounds of Love.

All of Kate Bush's studio albums are getting remastered

The Dreaming. The Sensual World. I did want Sat In Your Lap to be on there. It's also quite nice to get the French song on there 'cause I quite like that.

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I think there's so much aimed at the Canadian market where there's a French population and the song was especially done for the French people, so it made sense to put in on the Canadian version. Brian Berry, 'Kate Bush'.

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Wireless, September Kate Bush [mini-LP]. Kate Bush' album cover. Critical reception The album was reviewed a few times in the American press.