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Get the nitty gritty on Pensions and all that is involved. Try our property search Powered by Zoopla - Find properties by what your budget is - see how differences in deposits of your monthly payment change the type of property you could buy! Use this quick tool to estimate what the future value of your vehicle could be. Using historical price trend data we can forecast future values based upon the price you paid when you purchased. The calculator is an estimate only and we show you our confidence percentage in the valuation result. It is based upon where the car fell on the depreciation curve when you purchased and where it will be on your proposed sale date.

The curve is produced using the first three years of depreciation data for the general model selected. This site is designed to give you an understanding of financial products out in the wild, preparing you for proper professional advice. Use the information provided at your own risk, we're not providing advice and errors can be made.

Calculations made on the site are estimates, therefore in places assumptions or approximations may be used. We cannot accept responsibility nor are liable for any mistakes. Find out more. How to sell a modified car for the best price. Home How much is my car worth. Enter your number plate.

What's my car worth? Helping you get the best price for your car Q How does mileage affect how much my car is worth? Q How does condition affect how much my automobile is worth? Q How does service history affect how much my car is worth? Q How does the number of previous owners affect how much my car is worth? Q How does economy affect how much my car is worth? Q How does age affect what my car is worth? Simply put, the age of a vehicle has a large bearing on how much it is worth, regardless of its condition.

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Q Do modifications affect how much my car is worth? Hidden damage Cars which are heavily customised may also concern potential buyers who would want to see the true condition of the car. Less than 60 seconds for a quote! What our customers think Be honest about what your car is worth "Be honest about what your car is worth and save time with no time wasting tyre kickers Great experience "Great experience, no nonsense, just an honest appraisal of what my car was worth.

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Got what I thought my car would be worth "They gave me a value which is what I was expecting. Simple and quick way to sell a car "Simple and quick way to sell a car. Excellent service "Excellent service.

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Sold My Car "I will honestly recommend webuyanycar. These boys are the best so leave the rest "A good experience! Need more information? How much is my classic car worth? Find out how much your classic car is worth Find out more. How much is my category D car worth? Find out how cat D cars are valued Find out more. How much is my category C car worth?

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  4. Find out how cat C cars are valued Find out more. Excessive driving not only will increase the miles clocked but will also increase the chance of general wear and tear, damaging the condition of the car. When it comes to the age of the car, knowing when to sell will influence the resale price. For example, the plate change, when a new registration plate is released, can affect the age of the car, so it is often beneficial to sell your car before the next plate change. You can find a full list of how to receive the best possible price from our guide here. Once we have these details, we quickly combine them with automotive industry data, such as market value and demand, to provide you with your instant online car valuation.

    As you can likely imagine, it's almost impossible for two used cars to be exactly the same in every way, making it hard to give a 'one size fits all' figure. While two vehicles may share the same model, age, colour and service history, it's likely that additional details, such as their mileage or number of previous owners will differ.

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    However, we have put together a rough pricing guide to help visitors figure out an average value of what their car could be worth based purely on its age alone, but again it is important to note that the data here cannot take unique factors, such as condition, usage and supporting documentation into consideration. As you can see, the rate of age depreciation can have a large bearing on the value of a car.

    However, there are many more factors than just age to consider when calculating how much you could sell your car for. A better way to gain a more accurate estimate of the value of your car is to simply enter your number plate above, and receive your online valuation in just a few simple steps. Either way, the value you receive will be guaranteed for 7 days. This means if you attend an appointment at your local branch and choose to sell, you'll receive the valuation you were quoted online, providing the vehicle is in the condition you stated it was in.

    Our online car value calculator is incredibly quick and easy to use. To make sure you breeze through this quick and simple process, we recommend you have the following details to hand:. To ensure you get the most accurate figure possible, our system may add a few additional questions depending on the car make and model you enter.

    For example, some models often come with a built-in SatNav system or leather seats, and by getting those extra details your valuation will be as accurate as possible, giving you a much more accurate final price. Within this 7-day period, the figure we give you will remain unaffected by outside influencers, such as market value and demand fluctuations, which can have a negative impact on the overall worth of a car.

    There are countless free car valuation calculators around and no doubt you have tried most of them. Each tool will more than likely give you a different price than the last one. While many will request details relating to mileage or previous owners, the selection of details you can choose to submit is usually pretty thin, resulting in a lot of vague and unreliable car value estimates. This will refine the result and ensure the final figure you receive is an accurate representation of your vehicle's value. Remember, the more details you enter during the online process, the more accurate your final estimate will be!

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    Such as…. General age depreciation is usually the most impactful cause of a car losing its value over time. The more information a buyer can have about the detailed service history of a car; the more confidence they can have when it comes to offering a fair price. For example, if a car that is 3 years old has a total mileage of 75, miles, we can deduce that the vehicle has traveled 25, miles a year, on average.