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There are several agencies that administer a variety of taxes for businesses in the State of California.

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While other state and local agencies may issue licenses and permits and assess fees or taxes, the following is a list of agencies that can assist you in determining your tax obligations and provide you with information about tax reporting and taxpayer rights. The California Franchise Tax Board administers personal and corporate income and franchise taxes for the State of California.

The following organizations are required by law to possess an EIN:

Responsible for the regulation of securities, franchises, off-exchange commodities, investment and financial services, independent escrows, consumer and commercial finance lending, and residential mortgage lending. The Internal Revenue Service issues employer federal identification numbers and administers federal payroll and income taxes, including social security, Medicare, federal unemployment insurance and federal income tax withholding.

If you have a legitimate need to find the EIN for another business, then you can use one of these options to look up the number. Just be sure to keep your own EIN secure.

Tax Information

Share the number only with a limited subset of people—lenders, prospective suppliers, bankers, etc. Once you obtain an EIN for your business, that tax ID remains with your business for the entire lifespan of the company. However, there are some situations where you might need a new business tax ID number.

But you should still report a business name change or location change to the IRS. Even if you close down your business and never file a tax return, no other business will ever get the same number.

EIN Lookup: How to Find Your Business Tax ID Number

If you ever decide to reopen your business, you can use the old number. Knowing your business tax ID number is important, but with all of the competing attention for a small business owner, you might forget or misplace your tax ID.

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Your business tax ID number is important for lots of business milestones. Give us a call. Type below and hit Enter To search.

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Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): Form an LLC (9/11)

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