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Indiana Housing Finance Authority - a state-operated bank that finances residential mortgages and the development of rental housing. HomeFair - offers mortgage, relocation, and moving calculators in addition to city comparisons.

Note: the photos on this page are for illustration purposes only and are not meant to imply the property is available for sale. Richmond Neighborhood Restoration.

Wayne County Assessor

Call Jane at Waynet, Inc. I assure you there was no special treatment and the facts bear out the auctions are open bidding.

28 Municipalities and 6 School Districts

Development Services LLC. That year Sabree was a "member" of the company, as well as in and , according to annual statements sent to the state.

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The company helped developers through projects with site selection, acquisition and project management, according to Sabree's resume. Anyone who completed the proper forms and paid the appropriate fees could participate in the public auction of these properties.

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Initially, Sabree told The News the rule was "in effect" that year but he later responded that because the auction was run by a third-party contractor in , it didn't apply. It currently is the office's policy.

To me, it would have been suspicious because someone would have had an inside track. But his own delinquent tax debt would have disqualified him as well. To register, a bidder has to submit an affidavit, punishable by perjury, that neither they or anyone to be listed on the property's deed owe back taxes on any other property.

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Family sues Wayne County over property tax foreclosure law

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