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The Bodyguard is the best-selling soundtrack album of all time, selling 45 million copies worldwide. The soundtrack was the first album verified by the Nielsen SoundScan computerized sales monitoring system to have sold more than a million units within a one-week period, the week ending December 27, It is the 15th best-selling album in the United States. The Very Best of Prince.

It was released on July 31, by Warner Bros. AllMusic supposes that the Batman album is being unofficially written out of his discography. Back To Front. Lionel Richie. Back to Front is the first compilation album by American singer Lionel Richie, which was released on May 5, It contains songs from both his successful solo career and as part of the band the Commodores, along with three new tracks. The international version of the album also includes the tracks "Dancing on the Ceiling" and "Stuck on You".

Michael Jackson Albums. Michael Jackson. Xscape is the second posthumous album by American singer Michael Jackson, composed of previously unreleased tracks that were recorded between to Reid, chairman of Epic Records, curated and served as executive producer for the album enlisting Timbaland to lead a team of record producers, including StarGate, Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon, John McClain, and Rodney Jerkins, to remix and contemporize the eight selected tracks.

Jerkins produced the title song and is the only original song producer to work on the final productions. The standard version of Xscape features eight tracks, each reworked between to , whilst the deluxe version also includes the original versions of the songs which were recorded between to , a bonus track and two videos.

Xscape was promoted across the Sony group of companies; Sony Mobile used a snippet of "Slave to the Rhythm" in their advertising campaign for the Xperia Z2 mobile phone. Thriller 25 Super Deluxe Edition. Invincible is the final studio album by American singer Michael Jackson. It was released on October 30, , by Epic Records. Similar to Jackson's previous material, Invincible explores themes such as love, romance, isolation, media criticism, and social issues.

It was Jackson's sixth studio album released through Epic, and his 10th studio album released before his death in An extensive and laborious album to make, Jackson started the multi genre production in , and did not finish until eight weeks before the album's October release. The album peaked at number one in eleven territories worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Switzerland.

Invincible charted within the top ten in six other territories. Upon release, the album received mixed reviews from contemporary music critics. Invincible was one of the best-selling of , being ranked at 9 on the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry's Top 50 Global Best Selling Albums for In December , readers of Billboard magazine voted Invincible as the best album of the decade, from their readers poll.

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Another song where our Michael is a victim — of a lying, greedy woman, of the media, of business pressures. A lot of people bought into this nonsense. In the wake of his death, particularly at his funeral, you heard a lot of talk about Michael the victim, Michael who was so beset by all these unfair things.

No one said what those trials were exactly.

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  • Consider his personal and professional circle. Has-been celebrities; sleazy record-industry personnel; cultural punch lines; lawyers, plastic surgeons, and spiritual advisers to the stars; blowsy actresses; gullible foreigners and opportunistic politicians; arrant frauds, assorted poltroons, and the author of Kosher Sex appear, disappear and reemerge as if on a tabloid merry-go-round. Tohme Tohme, who claimed to be a Senegalese ambassador; a former press secretary who worked for Marion Barry while he was in prison; and others I am forgetting.

    Something of a low point is hit when the Nation of Islam shows up. It seems that Dr. But he, too, is eventually supplanted by a resurgent DiLeo, and left somewhat forlorn. We never find out what he was a doctor of, however. The biographies say that Jackson and Jones met with Prince to discuss a duet of the pair for this song. We got victims out there waiting for us! But it makes you sad, too, in retrospect.

    You notice that he managed to do something to lose that broad, transporting smile; later in life, his upper lip seemed permanently curled down over his upper teeth. Shitty rap from Biggie Smalls. The subject matter is another aggrieved rant. Here he is accusing other people of being obsessed with his money.

    It dates back to the s, when Jackson did it for his weird film Moonwalker. Kelly, who, among other things, shared a fondness with Jackson for underaged kids. Kelly had already illegally married the year-old Aaliyah at the time Jackson recorded this, but had not yet been exposed as the child predator and sexual deviant he is known to be today.

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    Then came another molestation charge. This time, Jackson had befriended a young cancer patient. Again the family became enmeshed in his lavish lifestyle. How about if the kids sleep with their family and you two adults go sleep in your own fucking bedrooms? But it lacks something so many Prince songs have, which is joy and mischievousness — the dense mix of writers and producers here would seem to make that hard to create. You might wonder why Motown would have Jackson record it again.

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    Conversation at dinner was halting; during a house tour the person I know said they caught Jackson making a cut-off gesture to his manager in a mirror. Jackson disappeared, and they were shown to the door by DiLeo. In the period after Jackson was first accused of child molestation, he goes to Florida to work with Lou Pearlman, the impresario behind the Backstreet Boys.

    It transpires that Pearlman is a crook who might have a thing for young boys himself, and Jackson flees. A lawsuit follows here, too. Who am I forgetting? Solo writing credit to Berry Gordy. The Beatles had the chance to buy their catalog back in the s, but John Lennon fucked it up. McCartney had both the time and money in the years after that to do something about the situation. Jackson smartly bought the company in , after Thriller, but then dumbly mortgaged it to fund his lavish lifestyle.

    It was a minor single hit for Jackson. Anka has said the track came from a tape Jackson had purloined from him and had been used on the album without his permission. He eventually came to an arrangement with Sony. But he was hemorrhaging money, and Dr. Tohme had finally gotten him to understand that, since the high costs and low sales had stunted his recording career, he had no alternative but to get his ass back out on a stage.

    Instead of doing something low-impact, the Jacksonian grandiosity kicked in and he allowed himself to be dragged into to a plainly overambitious endeavor. Marred by a long, embarrassing intro between him and actor Chris Tucker, with them both boasting about how lucky they are going to get, or something. Written by Jackson. Once Jackson broke with his family, they were left in a frustrated purgatory, with virtually every member Janet prominently excepted, and Randy having something like an independent career trying to get back into his orbit. Over the last ten years of his life, as his detachment proved permanent, devolution occurred.

    This is a good song otherwise.

    He developed an odd habit of wearing a weird little mask in public. In the garish tribute concert held at MSG, you can see him, seemingly involuntarily, continually holding his hand up to cover his face. The film of the event has obviously been edited to exclude any close-ups. In , he appeared on a Diane Sawyer interview to try to talk his way out of the charges of sleeping with young boys.

    Sitting next to him listening, then-wife Lisa Marie Presley sports an expression that will seem familiar to anyone who has watched Melania Trump in public. A two-minute fragment. The best film about Michael Jackson has been overlooked. Who knew that Gest had been close to the Jackson family since their arrival in Los Angeles, and could call on virtually all the people who actually knew and worked with Jackson over his career?

    The movie has insights no other Jackson movie does. So his vision, I respect. Were they just the beatings that any father of the time might have delivered, as Joseph says they were? Or something a little too violent, like the stories Michael has told? In any case, Joseph ultimately alienated his family with his extramarital affairs … and extramarital children, too.

    Sullivan says there maybe a half-dozen or more. He has lived in exile in Las Vegas for decades.

    Teen Michael Jackson dancer returns with new moves, 'Smooth Criminal' video

    His personal website is a gate to a louche netherworld of not-quite luxury products. Instead, he brought in James Ingram, a noted soul singer of the time, to write a new song of the same name with Jones. Note how that brief guitar line at the beginning has a sound like some of the other tracks from the album, giving it an organic feel despite its varied styles. This stuff was well-chronicled at the time. You have to assume some behind-the-scenes manipulation by Sony to nudge it up to that position.

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    This was the era of the indie promo man, who would act as a middle man for payola to radio stations. By any standard Jackson has been misunderestimated as a songwriter — I was amazed to go back to see that, over the first four albums of his adult career, Jackson got solo writing credit for 16 songs; eight went to No.

    Twelve were top-ten hits, and a 13th stalled at Madonna, by contrast, has never written a number-one song on her own. Jackson is unique among his peers in this one way: To a surprising extent, he wrote the hits he needed when he needed them, and essentially never missed. From the bios you get a sense that Jackson would hum or describe parts to a musical staff, who helped him get the songs out of his head and onto an instrument.

    But thoughts of that disappear under the weight of all the other icky supersweet sounds — from the violins, the tinkling plucked guitar, the warbling harmonica. A lot more Akon than MJ, as it happens. Harmless otherwise.