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Driving under the influence

A fifth operating while under the influence offense is a felony offense. Vehicular Homicide is a felony regardless of the number of prior convictions. These lawyers have handled numerous OWI cases, winning refusals that are assumed to be impossible to win , felony cases and compelling first, second, third or fourth offense drunk driving cases.

They have also obtained lesser charges for their clients, which is the best possible outcome in some situations, such as those in which the evidence is overwhelming compelling.

Is a DUI Considered a Crime?

For instance, a traffic violation may hold demerit points and fines, but they are far lesser than those imposed for an OWI. If there is a way to overcome the charges against you, you can rest reassured that these lawyers will help you build the defense to do so.

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Van Wagner frequently defends people charged with drunk driving offenses throughout the state of Wisconsin. Attorney Van Wagner is a former Federal prosecutor Madison, Wisconsin and a former state prosecutor Trenton, New Jersey with a very keen insight into the prosecution's case, which directly translates into benefits for his clients and their cases. Wisconsin DUI Attorneys:.

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    Drunk driving … substantially related?

    Save Your Driver's License. Mike Rudolph. Two tickets? Vehicular Homicide. Those facing allegations of drunk driving have the right to fight the charges in court.

    If one is nonetheless convicted, he or she may wonder if they have the right to have that conviction expunged. What is expungement? When a criminal conviction is expunged, it is essentially hidden.

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    • DUI expungement is not permitted in Wisconsin | Melowski & Associates, LLC.
    • Thus, employers, educational institutions, and creditors cannot see that one was convicted. Wisconsin does allow for expungement of certain offenses, particularly if they were committed by juveniles or persons under age The expungement statute states, however, that there can be no expungement of traffic offense information which the department of transportation is obligated to maintain as part of one's driving record.

      Because DUI expungement is not possible in Wisconsin, it is even more important to defend against an initial drunk driving charge.

      Can You Have a DUI Conviction Expunged?

      To have a chance at avoiding serious penalties, those charged with a crime should leave no stone unturned when crafting their legal defense. To do so, many find it beneficial to seek out legal assistance. An experienced attorney can discuss the law as it applies to a particular set of circumstances, and may be able to work to discredit initial traffic stops and field sobriety and breathalyzer test results. The law in this area can be difficult, and preserving one's rights, even on appeal, requires raising every issue during one's trial.

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