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That means it is cleared from the judicial system. Your lawyer will be able to put forth reasoned arguments on your behalf that can get the penalties reduced. Please leave this field empty.

What Is a Bench Warrant and Can I Drop It Without Going to Jail?

Simmrin Law Call Now What is a Bench Warrant Anyway? Failure to Appear Failure to Appear warrants are very common.

How to Recall California Bench Warrants

Personally attend progress hearings while you are on probation Enroll and show proof of enrollment in court-ordered treatment or education drug treatment, anger management classes, etc. Probation Violation Bench Warrant A judge may issue a probation violation bench warrant if you are on probation for a previous criminal offense, and you have failed to follow the terms of your probation agreement.

Common examples of probation terms: Enroll in and complete court-ordered programs DUI school, drug treatment programs, etc.

Mandatory drug and alcohol testing Community service Your continued freedom is dependent on you complying with the terms of your probation. We make it our goal to be the "Best Criminal Defense Attorneys" in smoothly and successfully resolving warrant issues for our clients.

Orange County, California - Arrest Warrants

If you believe there is an Arrest or Bench warrant out for your arrest, do not delay in calling our Pasadena defense firm. Request a free consultation today! If you have been issued an Arrest or Bench arrest warrant in the state of California, do not ignore it. Our legal team is here to help. Misdemeanor Warrants Penal Code section a allows an attorney to appear, on behalf of a client, on a misdemeanor matter.

A failure to appear occurs when you do not appear in court after being arrested or cited. Once a bench warrant is issued, your name goes into a statewide database, which serves the entire law enforcement community. The good news is that most warrants in San Francisco can be cleared up ahead of time, so that you may not have to be arrested at all. Our office routinely walks into court and adds on warrant cases so that they may be heard before a judge.